Room service solutions

Bring your hotel to the 21st century. Free up phone lines and allow your guests to place an order directly from their room on our app.

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Illustration of room service meal. Served on a platter, with wine and wine glasses, candle and bouquet of roses.

Quick process

icon of phone interactive menu

Create menu

Create your digital menu

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QR codes

Create and print your custom QR code menu

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Guests scan the QR code menu in their room

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Place and pay

Easily select items, place the order and pay all in one go!

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Order Delivery!

With contactless order and pay

Capture more room service revenue

The only pizza boxes in your hallways should be yours! When ordering from room service is as easy and enjoyable as the online ordering and delivery platforms, more of your guest’s F&B spend stays in the hotel.

Room service photo someone delivery food on a cart in the hotel room

No more dropped room service calls

With room ordering options, customers can place their order without having to wait for an employee to pick up the call

Restaurant food ordering app

The average hotel guest doesn't want to make the call and that’s why you see the largest delivery companies in the world show up in your hotel to deliver food. Customers will go out of their way to use the convenience of our contactless order and pay app.

Free up resources

Free up phone lines they can be used for other essential services like room-cleaning, booking of recreational activities at the hotel etc. Free up resources - Your time can be best used in other services leading to cost saving.

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