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Allow your menu items to stand out with udine’s dynamic interactive menu.

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Out with the old

Many restaurants with an online menu have it in a pdf format which can be hard to read. Your customers have to pinch and zoom their way through their options.

In with the new

Our interactive menu template allows your menu items to stand out and have greater appeal. With a better presented menu, average check sizes will increase and customers keep coming back for the ease of the experience.


Each item has a photo so customers can be triggered by visual appeal.
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All items organized and clearly presented as they would be on a paper menu. No more customers getting lost roaming around a busy pdf menu with small print.
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Our management platform

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Where the magic happens

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Best in class experience

Build out your menu in our management platform. Edit it when and where you wan't with no long waits on changes!
Print out customized QR codes with the click of a button. 
Our digital menu is easy to navigate and use. Going digital means less touch points for diners and staff!

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