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Industry updates

Picking up takeout and paying. Using interactive payment through a cellphone tapping it onto a debit machine

Contactless ordering and payment

Change in the dining industry has been overdue and now is the right time for contactless ordering and payment.

Owners of restaurant looking at digital menu

Moving from paper to digital menus

Are you considering moving your restaurant menu from paper to digital? If so, you're not alone.

Shop local promo Canada mug resting in between rocks and lake

Importance of supporting local

Switching to local suppliers can benefit you and your community.

Local cafe in store cashier

Covid 19 have been Deadly to small businesses

The deadly virus took the world by storm, restaurants could not afford to stay open.

Take up bag for delivery driver to pick up

How to save money on deliveries with usuite

Are you tired of paying high fees to the big third-party food delivery companies? 

Female using an interactive menu wearing mask and gloves at cafe

Top 5 benefits of contactless payment in restaurants

Focusing on restaurants with the impacts they went through, they’re benefiting from contactless payment and order. 

Chef plating dishes

Restaurant industry top 3 trends

We'll explore three of the latest trends in the restaurant industry: ghost kitchens, third-party delivery, and interactive dining menus.

Interactive digital menu

Top 5 benefits of an interactive menu

Have you ever wondered if there was a faster process for ordering food? Interactive menus have solutions to solve many issues.

Room service photo someone delivery food on a cart in the hotel room

Room service ordering app

Hotels get very busy during peak season and it is not always easy to manage all the room service calls.

QR code menu

Why should you use QR code menu?

The increase of QR code menus has helped the restaurant industry in many ways.

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