Take control of your venue

Innovative mobile menus and ordering solutions to improve health, safety, and efficiency.

View a Smart Menu

Give guests searchable menus that can be filtered based on allergies

Order & Re-order

Guests can place an order with add ons without having to wait for a busy server

Easy Payments

Allow guests to pay the bill when they are ready without having to wait for the server

Revenue Analytics

Reporting tools that can be used to guide future decision making

Free Digital Menus

Want a free digital menu? Send us a copy of your menu and our team will digitize it for free. We will send you branded QR codes within 48 hours to access your free digital menu.

Custom Branded QR Codes

We will generate your free QR codes to place on your tables with your venue logo.

Go from PDF to Menu App

Allow your guests to browse a fully interact-able menu without the pain points of PDF browsing.

Smarter ordering & payment keeps you in full control.

Give guests the ability to order and pay directly from their phone without having to download an app. Guests can pay using their credit card or pay using a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Total Control Over the Ordering Process

Connect guests to a dynamic ordering menu on their phone

Ensure Secure and Easy Payments

Guests can pay using their phone, no app download required

Scan QR code for a digital menu demo

View a real life example of one of our digital menus.

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Complete dashboard for menu and payment control.

Whether you need to generate additional QR codes, add menu items, or pull accounting reports, it will all available at your fingertips. Our powerful admin dashboard will give you the ability access analytics that can be used to guide future decisions.

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Take control of your venue

Innovative mobile ordering solutions to improve the health, safety, and efficiency of the hospitality industry.

Increase table turnover

Give guests the ability to pay when they are done, which will increase the number of table turns.

Increase table revenue

By making it easier to order and re-order, increase the average order per table by giving guests more control.

Go Contactless

Limit the touching of shared surfaces such as physical menus and payment machines.

Decrease Costs

A more efficient process will result in less waste, less errors, and less walkouts with all orders being paid.

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Digital Menus & Branded QRs

Completely Free

For venues just getting started with going contactless.

Digital Menus
Branded QR Codes
Menu Access Dashboard
Free Menu Entry

Mobile Ordering & Payment

1% per transaction

For venues that need to accept orders and payments with confidence.

All Items From Free Tier
Mobile Ordering
Mobile Payments
Analytics Dashboard

Franchise & Enterprise

Custom Plan

For larger venues that need additional security, control, and support.

All Previous Tiers
Custom Solutions
Global Usage
Premium Support

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